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    Cuts of Lamb

    A selection of photographs featuring different cuts from lamb that we can cut and wrap for you.

  • Lamb
    Lamb Carcass photo



  • Leg
    Lamb leg photo

  • Leg Steak & Roast
    Lamb Leg Steak & Roast Photo

  • Loin
    Lamb Loin Photo

  • Rack / Rib Chops  -  Loin Roast / Chops
    Lamb Rack / Rib Chops  -  Loin Roast / Chops Photo

  • Ribs
    Lamb Ribs photo

  • Shanks
    Lamb Shanks photo

  • Shoulder
    Lamb Shoulder photo

  • Shoulder Roast / Steak
    Lamb Shoulder Roast / Steak Photo

Photography by Mikael Kjellstrom